Parisi Luxury Jewellery was born in 2013 when Jane Mooney started crafting her own jewellery as she couldn't find pieces she wanted to wear anywhere else. Designing pieces that reflect mood and occasion has been the driving force behind the aesthetic of the label's collections.

"I love to collect and wear pieces of jewellery that fit with my personality and look" says Jane "Some days I yearn for sleek minimalism, and others for flamboyant extravagance and I need my jewellery to express this. My pieces allow you to create your own story, to speak of who you are and what you feel. Jewellery has been worn and used in this way for thousands of years and I find it very exciting to try and capture the essence of mood in my pieces."


With a background in design and print, Jane brings her in-depth knowledge of colour and form to her jewellery. All Jane's pieces are made in the UK, using a variety of techniques, from traditional hand forging, to cutting edge Computer Aided Design. Taking inspiration from a life long love of exotic and rare gemstones, each piece is designed to be worn and cherished, and will soon become firm favourites in your jewellery collection.




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